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Birthday party for Girls Rock Star

Rock Star- Rock Concert Birthday Party

Rock Star Birthday partyWant to turn the birthday into a Rock Star performance? Now you can. With our Rock Star range of party supplies and party decorations you can give the kids the opportunity to make their own Rock show including dressing up and performing on a stage.

Rock Star plates

Talíře Rock Star
Catalog number: 40535
56 Kč s DPH

: 40535

8 Rock Star paper plates, 23cm

Rock Star cups

Kelímky Rock Star
Catalog number: 40536
56 Kč s DPH

: 40536

8 Rock Star paper cups

Rock Star table center piece

Dekorace na stůl Rock Star
Catalog number: 288211
79 Kč s DPH

: 288211

Rock Star table center piece, 25cm

A great addition to your party table

Rock Star birthday hats

Narozeninové Čepičky Rock Star
Catalog number: 40541
59 Kč s DPH

: 40541

8 Rock Star birthday hats

Rock Star party bags

Párty sáčky Rock Star
Catalog number: 40543
35 Kč s DPH

: 40543

8 Rock Star party bags

Rock Star birthday invitations

Narozeninové pozvánky Rock Star
Catalog number: 98174
55 Kč s DPH

: 98174

8 Rock Star birthday invitations

Fashion Girl bracelets

Náramky Modní dívka
Catalog number: 74007
52 Kč s DPH

: 74007

6 Fashion Girl bracelets

Soap bubbles guitar

Bublifuky kytara
Catalog number: 74067
109 Kč s DPH

: 74067

4 soap bubbles guitar

Fashion Girl rings

Obrázek k výrobku 20586 - Prstýnky Modní dívka
Catalog number: 74034
109 Kč s DPH

: 74034

10 Fashion Girl rings

Pink hat with hair

Čepice s vlasy růžová
Catalog number: u37408
229 Kč s DPH

: u37408

Pink hat with hair

Inflatable guitar

Nafukovací kytara
Catalog number: x99113
83 Kč s DPH

: x99113

Inflatable guitar, 102cm, colors: red/ pink/ green/ yellow

Inflatable guitar

Obrázek k výrobku 19922 - Nafukovací kytara
Catalog number: x99243
89 Kč s DPH

: x99243

Inflatable guitar, 102cm

Pink birthday confetti

Obrázek k výrobku 23237 - Růžové Konfety HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Catalog number: 83847
39 Kč s DPH

: 83847

Pink birthday confetti

Colorful foil wig

Obrázek k výrobku 23422 - Paruka foliová barevná
Catalog number: TW/M
49 Kč s DPH

: TW/M

Colorful foil wig

Pink birthday confetti

Catalog number: 55200
49 Kč s DPH

: 55200

Pink birthday confetti

Foil wig

Paruka foliová
Catalog number: u23025
49 Kč s DPH

: u23025

Foil wig, 6 colors


Obrázek k výrobku 19492 - Mikrofon
Catalog number: MI-SREB
50 Kč s DPH


Microphone, 22cm

Inflatable microphone

Nafukovací mikrofon
Catalog number: 95170
56 Kč s DPH

: 95170

Inflatable microphone, 27cm, colors: red/ pink/ green/ blue

UV hair spray

UV sprej na vlasy
Catalog number: x38606
59 Kč s DPH

: x38606

UV hair spray, 60ml

3 types, each sold separately

Mixed glitter with stars

Třpytky mix barev s hvězdičkami
Catalog number: 5900m
59 Kč s DPH

: 5900m

Mixed glitter with stars

Silver glitter with stars

Třpytky stříbrné s hvězdičkami
Catalog number: 5900s
59 Kč s DPH

: 5900s

Silver glitter with stars

Gold glitter with stars

Třpytky zlaté s hvězdičkami
Catalog number: 5900g
59 Kč s DPH

: 5900g

Gold glitter with stars

Purple birthday confetti

Purpurové Konfety HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Catalog number: 991289
63 Kč s DPH

: 991289

Purple birthday confetti

Party glasses

Party brýle
Catalog number: n03601
64 Kč s DPH

: n03601

Party glasses, 26cm
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Helium for the party
The helium tank is perfect for home usage and a wonderful accessory for every party. It is a single use canister and can be discarded after use. The tank has sufficient helium for 30, 23cm balloons or for 8, 36cm balloons.

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