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Party Supplies and Party Decorations Favours Boys

Party Favours for Boys


Pirate tattoo

Pirátské tetování
Catalog number: n51040
3 Kč s DPH

: n51040

Pirate tattoo, 3cm

Pirate sticker sheet

Pirátské samolepky
Catalog number: n51062
6 Kč s DPH

: n51062

Pirate sticker sheet

Dinosaurs mini pinball

Dinosauři Mini pinball
Catalog number: t65045
7 Kč s DPH

: t65045

Dinosaurs mini pinball

3 types, each sold separately

Pirate mini pinball

Pirátské Mini pinball
Catalog number: t65052
7 Kč s DPH

: t65052

Pirate mini pinball

3 types, each sold separately

Pirate maze puzzles

Obrázek k výrobku 21153 - Kulička v bludišti Pirát
Catalog number: t26045
9 Kč s DPH

: t26045

Pirate maze puzzles, 6cm

Dinosaur puzzles

Obrázek k výrobku 20881 - Puzzle Dinosaurus
Catalog number: t65201
9 Kč s DPH

: t65201

Dinosaur puzzles, 6-8,5cm

Football maze puzzle

Kulička v bludišti Fotbal
Catalog number: t01808
9 Kč s DPH

: t01808

Football maze puzzle

Jumping pirate

Skákací pirát
Catalog number: t90114
10 Kč s DPH

: t90114

Jumping pirate

5 types, each sold separately

Dinosaur figure

Obrázek k výrobku 18674 - Figurka Dinosaurus
Catalog number: t51145
11 Kč s DPH

: t51145

Stretchy Dinosaur figure, 6-7cm

Football bouncy ball

Hopik fotbal
Catalog number: t27074
11 Kč s DPH

: t27074

Football bouncy ball, 3.3cm

Pirate telescope

Malý teleskop
Catalog number: t48027
12 Kč s DPH

: t48027

Pirate telescope, 12cm

Pirate head bandana

Pirátský šátek
Catalog number: b52804
14 Kč s DPH

: b52804

Pirate head bandana

Football whistle

Píšťalka Fotbal
Catalog number: t65112
14 Kč s DPH

: t65112

Football whistle to make a lot of noise

Pullback car

Autíčko na pullback
Catalog number: t65039
15 Kč s DPH

: t65039

Pullback car, 5cm

8 types, each sold separately

Gold trophy

Obrázek k výrobku 19275 - Zlatý pohár
Catalog number: n05314
15 Kč s DPH

: n05314

Plastic gold trophy for the winners of the game, 10cm

Dinosaur finger puppet

Maňásci na prsty Dinosaurus
Catalog number: t21028
15 Kč s DPH

: t21028

Dinosaur finger puppet, 3x5 cm

Football favour set

Výslužka sada Fotbal
Catalog number: 277042
15 Kč s DPH

: 277042

Football favour set, includes: pencil, 4 erasers & a sticker sheet

Pullback car

Autíčko na pullback
Catalog number: t65155
17 Kč s DPH

: t65155

Pullback car, 5cm

8 types, each sold separately

Pirates of the caribean stickers

Samolepky Piráti z Karibiku
Catalog number: 300020
19 Kč s DPH

: 300020

Pirates of the caribean stickers

Soldiers stickers

Samolepky Vojáci
Catalog number: 29039
22 Kč s DPH

: 29039

4 Soldiers sticker sheets

Pirates party favour pack

Obrázek k výrobku 21429 - Výslužka sada pirát
Catalog number: s51657
23 Kč s DPH

: s51657

Pirates party favour pack, includes: pencil, rubber, sharpener and ruler

Soap bubbles Spongebob

Bublifuk Spongebob
Catalog number: r42465
25 Kč s DPH

: r42465

Soap bubbles Spongebob, 60ml

Soap bubbles Cars

Bublifuk Cars
Catalog number: r42449
25 Kč s DPH

: r42449

Soap bubbles Cars, 60ml

Soap bubbles Spiderman

Bublifuk Spiderman
Catalog number: r42452
25 Kč s DPH

: r42452

Soap bubbles Spiderman, 60ml
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Helium for the party
The helium tank is perfect for home usage and a wonderful accessory for every party. It is a single use canister and can be discarded after use. The tank has sufficient helium for 30, 23cm balloons or for 8, 36cm balloons.

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