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Vampire Party

Vampire Party



Vampire plates

Talíře Vampire
Catalog number: 27985
80 Kč s DPH

: 27985

8 Vampire plates, 23cm

Vampire lunch napkins

Ubrousky Vampire
Catalog number: 27982
69 Kč s DPH

: 27982

16 Vampire lunch napkins

Vampire cups

Kelímky Vampire
Catalog number: 27986
69 Kč s DPH

: 27986

8 Vampire paper cups

Vampire table cover

Ubrus Vampire
Catalog number: 27983
99 Kč s DPH

: 27983

Vampire plastic table cover, 140X260cm

Vampire window stickers

Přílnavá folie Vampire
Catalog number: 27993
49 Kč s DPH

: 27993

Vampire window stickers, 30X43cm

Reusable, seen from both sides, no adhesive is necessary

HALLOWEEN bat garland

Girlanda HALLOWEEN netopýr
Catalog number: 74562
49 Kč s DPH

: 74562

HALLOWEEN bat garland, 4m

Vampire door banner

Nápis na dveře Vampire
Catalog number: 27994
115 Kč s DPH

: 27994

Vampire door banner, 154X69cm

Bat mini foil balloon

Mini fóliový balónek netopýr
Catalog number: 7365
60 Kč s DPH

: 7365

Bat mini foil balloon, 25cm

The balloon is sold air filled, sealed and on a 40cm stick

Inflatable bat

Nafukovací netopýr
Catalog number: v99148
159 Kč s DPH

: v99148

Inflatable bat, 130cm

Vampire costume

Kostým upír
Catalog number: v37206
639 Kč s DPH

: v37206

Vampire costume. standard. includes: cape, shirt, belt

Vampire costume

Kostým upír
Catalog number: 997477
479 Kč s DPH

: 997477

Vampire costume, size: 8-10 years, includes: shirt and dickey with cape

Vampire costume

Kostým upír
Catalog number: 997476
369 Kč s DPH

: 997476

Vampire costume, size: 4-6 years, includes: shirt and dickey with cape

Bat costume

Kostým netopýr
Catalog number: u37339
459 Kč s DPH

: u37339

Bat costume, size: 2-4 years. includes: over-all. hat


Catalog number: v57024
129 Kč s DPH

: v57024

Cape, child size, 100cm

Vampire cape

Upíří plášť
Catalog number: v09611
129 Kč s DPH

: v09611

Vampire cape for adults

Vampire fangs

Upíří zuby
Catalog number: t65146
6 Kč s DPH

: t65146

Fake blood with fangs

Upíří zuby s umělou krví
Catalog number: v35194
55 Kč s DPH

: v35194

Fake blood, 2x14ml, child size

Fake blood

Umělá krev
Catalog number: v00295
34 Kč s DPH

: v00295

Fake blood, 16ml

Face paint make up set Dracula

Barvy na obličej, make up sada Dracula
Catalog number: 9901244
185 Kč s DPH

: 9901244

Face paint make up set Dracula

Aqua make up set 10 colors MONSTER

Aqua make up sada 10 barev MONSTER
Catalog number: 2933.08
599 Kč s DPH

: 2933.08

Aqua make up set 10 colors MONSTER (4gr x10), 2 brushes, 1 sponge, 1 booklet with face paint designs

Vampire pinata

Pinata Vampýr
Catalog number: 66291
550 Kč s DPH

: 66291

Vampire pinata, 33x61cm


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mobile: +420 602 222 429

Where to find us

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Hradec Králové- Atrium
Tel: 493 620 936

Helium for the party
The helium tank is perfect for home usage and a wonderful accessory for every party. It is a single use canister and can be discarded after use. The tank has sufficient helium for 30, 23cm balloons or for 8, 36cm balloons.

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