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Helium for the party
The helium tank is perfect for home usage and a wonderful accessory for every party. It is a single use canister and can be discarded after use. The tank has sufficient helium for 30, 23cm balloons or for 8, 36cm balloons.
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Face Painting

Face painting is a whole time favourite for all ages. Children love to have their face painted at any opportunity. Any party, themed or other, would immediately brighten up when children run around with their faces painted in their favourite motive.

Face paints and accessories

To start out, choose from our large selection of crayons or aqua picture packs. To add effects, use our glitter, glitter gel or stars & glitter pack. To complete the impression, you might want to add fake eye lashes or hair spray.

Picture pack step by step

Start out with simple designs and few colours. Use a wet sponge for the base colour and add the outlines with a wet brush. Use moist cotton buds to correct any mistakes. Wait for the paint to dry before applying a second layer or colour. Have different sponges for different colours, to keep the paints from mixing.

1) Keep face paint layers thin, do not apply too much paint, a thin layer will dry faster.
2) Arrange before hand a bottle of water, a small container to rinse the brushes and a container into which you could empty the murky water. Make sure you have a large supply of paper towels handy to dry excess water from the clean brushes.

For inspiration on "do it yourself" themed face painting, offered to you by face painting specialists, use our step by step booklet which includes 10 step by step popular designs and a total of 32 easy to paint designs.

Our aqua paints are user friendly when it comes to young children. They dry quickly and they are easily removed using water or wet wipes.

To complete the effect, use a glitter and star kit (cosmetic glue is included) on the outlines of any design.

Costumes and face painting

Dressing up and face painting are fun no matter what age you are! It can be quite easy too, as the costumes dont have to be over the top. Try a pair of bunny ears to go with a bunny design, or a tiara to go with a princess design.

1) Better results will be achieved when combining crayons and brush applied colours. Crayons to be used for outlining and the brush paints to fill in areas.
2) Use Crayons for small and simple cheek designs for younger children. Leave the complicated designs for the older and more patient kids.
3) For a complete beginner we recommend using our stencil kit. It would ensure that all the kids have their desired face paint and do not have to wait for it too long. Add brilliance to your design with glitter or stars to make a special effect.

Keeping your guests busy

Plan additional games and activities for the kids to do while you take them one at a time for having their faces painted. Have a look at our party games section for ideas to keep your young guests entertained.


The most important fact to remember when buying face paints, is to make sure they are safe to be used on the skin. Our face paint range is made in Germany. It is tested for safety and complies with all European regulation. The face paints are of the highest quality, which makes them safe as well as easy to use.