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Tips & Ideas How To Create the Perfect Party

We bring you a collection of party tips and ideas which we have collected over the years. The goal of these party tips is to give you guidelines on how to improve your party and turn it into a special event. There are a lot of small party tips that can turn the party into a huge success.

The Party

Make your child's birthday a big day, one to remember because what is realy important is the time and effort spent around planning and preparing the BIRTHDAY PARTY. A child who has experienced such carfull attention to his needs and happiness will be more inclined towards making an effort for the happines and well being of others.

Party Plan

The secret to a successful party lies in the behind-the-scenes planning. We recommend you start planning about a month to three weeks before your child's birthday party. For more information, check our Countdown party list.

Another good advice is to keep it simple. At all ages, simple events tend to be successful and more fun. Complicated parties usually require extensive planning with little additional fun-value. What's most important to the kids' Friends, candies and gifts!

Pick a Theme

A theme is like a recipe for planning a perfect party. It is much easier to come up with ideas when you have a theme. The theme can be as simple as 'Pirates' or 'Disney Princesses'. But when everything is tied together, from the invitations to the games, birthday cake and activities to the decorations, it makes for an unforgettable event for your child and his or hers guests.

Guest List

Remind your child that an odd number of guests will make for an even number (including him/ her) during games and activities.


The invitation is your child's first chance to build excitement about thier party. Be sure to cover the basics: your child's name, the party location, day and time, and pick-up time. Remind him/ her to include your phone number for R.S.V.P.s and a date you would like to hear back by. This helps you plan for games, food, and favours based on how many guests will be there. Also, if your child would like the guests to bring anything special to participate in planned activities, be sure to write that on the invitations, too.

Party Time

The best is to plan together with your child. Choosing together is the beginning of the proccess and creates a lot of excitment for your child. At the party, though, you will both need to be flexible. Something you thought would take 15 minutes might only take 2 minutes. Or your child might like a game so much that they do not want to stop after one round but do it again. It is always better to overplan. Do not forget to have more favours as spare, for activities you have not planned.

Party Games

Games can make the party. You need them to keep the fun rolling. During games, it is recommended to give the winners small prizes. For children up to 6, it is recommended for every child to receive a prize for their efforts. This way, everyone gets a prize and no one remains unhappy. At the end of the birthday, the kids can take home the prizes they have won.

Face Painting

Face painting is a whole time favourite for all ages. Children love to have their face painted  at any opportunity. Any party, themed or other, would immediately brighten up when children run around with their faces painted in their favourite motive. For more information, tips and ideas, check our Face Painting section.

Party Room- Decorating Ideas

Try these special touches to decorate your party room in style:

Use our themed or generic confetti on the tabletop.

You can put confetti in water and then stick it to windows or smooth surface furniture to make the place more colorful and happy. The kids love it.

Blow up balloons and rub them against a synthetic fiber (fleece jumpers are very good). Rub only 1 side of the balloon and stick it to any wall or furniture. The electrostatic force will keep the balloon in its place for hours. For younger children it is like magic.

Use two or three themed napkins to cover a phonebook or a shoebox. Use the raised platform to show off your cake or other theme centerpiece to enhance the themed party atmosphere.

Helium for the party

Decorating your party with helium balloons was never easier, thanks to our Helium tank for home usage. The helium canister is a wonderful accessory for every party and it gives you the flexibility to inflate your balloons wherever you want and whenever you need them. At the end of the party, you can give each child a floating balloon filled with helium together with their party bags. There are many decorating ideas to improve your party. You can see some of them in our Helium for the party section.

Fun Food

You don't have to get overly  with menu ideas. Just pick a few fun snacks, some fresh vegetables slised as finger food. Make a few types of sandwhiches with different toppings. Children who have eaten have better moods and are more cooperative. Make sure to prepare ahead of time.

Cake Ideas

Mirror Cake: Bake your kid's favourite cake in a round or rectangular cake pan. Once cool, take a hand mirror (smaller than the cake), wash it and place it on top of the cake. Frost the cake in the color you choose (all around including sides). Then add candles around the mirror and once you light them it will be reflected in the mirror. The kids will look into the cake and see their own reflections with beautiful lighted candles.

Arrival Activities

1) As an arrival Activity you can do a "graffiti wall". Place a large thick paper (1m X 1m) on a wall and give the kids colors to write birthday wishes, draw pictures, etc.

2) As an additional game before all the kids come you can play 'Follow the Leader'. Have the birthday child be the leader. All the guests get in line behind the leader and follow him, doing whatever the leader does. Try jumping, skipping, walking backwards, crawling under a table, and rolling.

3) Another way to create a nice birthday wish for the birthday child is 'Confetti Balloons'. Put in the middle of a table glue sticks and assortment of confetti in different colors. Give each child a balloon and let them glue the confetti on the balloons. For older children, they can write a greeting to the birthday child with water resistant pens. The same can be done on papers.

Favourite Favours

Have your child hand out favours at the end of the party. It is best to give everyone the same things so there is no room for squabbles or trading. Children will love to get many small favours rather than only one. Choose from our vast themed favours to make everyone happy.

End on a Good Note

Parties can fall apart at the very end, when the planned activities are completed, but parents have not yet arrived. Have a quiet fill-in ready, such as coloring or even a movie.


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Helium for the party
The helium tank is perfect for home usage and a wonderful accessory for every party. It is a single use canister and can be discarded after use. The tank has sufficient helium for 30, 23cm balloons or for 8, 36cm balloons.

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