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Countdown Party List

3 weeks ahead...
* Decide on a date, time, location and theme.
* If the party will not be in your house or back yard, make a reservations at the party location.
* Prepare a guest list.
* Look around our shop for themed invitations, tableware, decorations, balloons, face paints, favours, partyware and themed party bag fillers. Ask our shop assistant for any help or advice you might need.
* With your themed supplies collected, at the cash desk, do not forget to ask for your copy of our PARTY PLAN OUTLINE.
* Choose games and activities. Make sure you have enough favours (and a little to spare) for: games, party bags and pinata.
2 weeks ahead...
* Send out invitations with a request of attendance confirmation. As guests confirm, be sure to mark the guest list. You will need to know how many guests to prepare for. Do not put it off !  Your child's best friends might not be able to come because of privious commitments.
* Choose your craft and start collecting things for it.
* Plan what to offer your quests; food, drinks, snaks, and sweets as party bag fillers. Start a shopping list.
* Order your balloon decorator.
* If you do not bake the cake, it is now the time to order one.
* Make sure your CD player is in order, buy batteries if needed.
A week ahead...
* Have your guest list checked for any new confirmations.
* You might choose to check with guests who haven't confirmed (for any possibility of lost invitations).
* Buy drinks, snaks and other food that can be stored or frozen.
2 days ahead...
* Its time for last minute shopping.
* Make sure your child knows what they plan to wear for the party. Make sure that it will be clean.
* List your games and activities. Allow time for food and a cake at the end of the party before the guests leave. Make sure you have enough activities.
* Pick out what music you will play.
1 day ahead...
* Buy food that needs to be fresh.
* If you ordered a cake, collect it.
* Start decorating, fill the pinata and prepare the setting; rearrange furniture, put up lights, put away breakables!
* Prepare party bags with the guests' names, have some spare favours.
Party day...
* Finish decorating. Put up balloons. Remember NOT to take out the Pinata until the end of the party.
* Prepare the food.
* Set out snacks and drinks.
Turn on BIRTHDAY music to complete the setting.


e-mail: info@pro-party.cz
mobile: +420 602 222 429

Where to find us

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Helium for the party
The helium tank is perfect for home usage and a wonderful accessory for every party. It is a single use canister and can be discarded after use. The tank has sufficient helium for 30, 23cm balloons or for 8, 36cm balloons.

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